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Baseball Coach at Catlin Gabel


Avid Golfer & Sports Enthusiast


Included in an Amazing Family of 6 with 4 Siblings

Asher Lucas


Licensed in Oregon

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Broker Bio

All About Asher

Born and raised in the Portland/Beaverton area. I've come to know and love the community built here. With two years experience in business and economics at PCC, I'm looking to create innovative, new methods for securing the most desired home possible for the consumer. Real estate is one of the main driving forces in the U.S. economy, but yet, we hardly see any changes in tactics to help clients to the most efficient and fullest extent. My goal as a broker is to fulfill my clients needs in the most productive and precise manner.


Prior to my licensing at Summa Real Estate I coached baseball at Catlin Gabel for five years. The sense of community and pride among the families, kids, and fellow cohorts is what I want to bring to the real estate community. A place where top quality work is given in turn with the best relations.

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