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Adam Peña


Licensed in Oregon

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Broker Bio

All About Adam

I grew up in a small agriculture community in Washington state, in the Yakima Valley. Making connections and caring for others is what I grew up doing. It's no different in this beautiful city of Portland. We all have our own little small communities that we belong too. Being a problem solver within my small communities is my strength.

There are a lot of things that I do not know about this industry and questions that I would not be able to answer, but I am surrounded by a great group of individuals that I know would have that answer. I am also continuously learning and I am a part of a fantastic team at the Summa Real Estate Group, we genuinely care about the well being of others. 

I chose this career path for a couple of reasons, it allows me to continue to be there for my kids, being a stay at home dad for 12 years, I would not be able to get a full-time job that would allow me to volunteer at their schools like I am able to now. Another reason is that it fulfills me to be of service to others. With real estate being some of the biggest decisions of peoples lives, I can be that guide that will make this tremendous decision(s) the most enjoyable that it can be. 

I bring sincerity, humility and authenticity everywhere I go.

I have personally known Adam Peña for over seven years and in those years I have known him to be a responsible, reliable and trustworthy person. I believe that these qualities along with his experience will make him an excellent choice as your realtor. Adam would be my first choice, hands down.

Jamie M Kohler

Washington State University

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